Monday, September 29, 2008

Campbell's Law:

If you reduce your energy consumption and waste, you will be happier.
If you manage to become happier in a tangible way, you will naturally
lower your energy consumption and waste.

That's what I believe. Lower energy use and happiness ride the bus to
work together.. Do your Right Livelihood and you'll find yourself
eating out less often, driving fewer miles, and turning on fewer
lights around the house.

Try it for yourself. Prove me wrong if you can. Find a way to lower
your energy bills this month and see if you don't feel seriously
better about yourself inside next month. Reconcile with your
estranged family members and I bet you discover you don't need the
furnace turned up to 75 degrees.

I don't have a bunch of prestigious university studies on hand to back
up my theory, it just makes natural sense to me. Maybe the data is out
there and I'm too busy reading election coverage to Google it
properly. In any case, I'm staking my reputation on the idea, and
further, I'm staking my fortunes on it as well.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Campbell Energy LLC

Dear Community,
In all the election hubbub, I discovered a somewhat disturbing fact. No, I am talking about Bob Barr. I'm talking about how little we all know about each other's business lives. Sometimes we like to keep it to ourselves, and I can dig that, but I'm not that guy.

But what kind of guy are you, Aaron? Well, I'll tell you:

I'm a Residential Energy Consultant. What the heck is that? What I do is listen to you and your house and tell you how best to reduce your utility bills and increase your happiness. I'm like the House Whisperer. I rehabilitate homes and train homeowners.

How do I do that?
I come to your home, drink some of your tea (and your milkshake should you offer) and I delve into the energy world of your home and its inhabitants. I look at your wattage, tell you what your appliances are saying to you in terms of dollars, listen to your furnace's complaints, and wrap it all up in a report that tells you how to upgrade the efficiency of your home with a customized, prioritized, energy to-do list.

What does it cost?
It's start-up time in my business, so I am doing these audits for $250 each. This is my early-bird discount, as the price will go up $100 in 2009. If you can't afford even the discounted price, we can discuss trade for services as well.

As an incentive, I offer my personal guarantee: If after 6 months post-audit you:

A) Don't have lower energy bills
B) Don't have a lower carbon footprint
C) Aren't a happier person,
I will return $200 of my bill. I have to hit one of those three or you get my audit for $50. Deal?

I want you (whoever you are) to lower your bills and save the planet this winter rather than next spring, so email me ASAP., btw.

Vote Obama, and email me for more details and energy audit scheduling.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Dream

No matter how corny or trite it may seem, this is my actual dream:
Everybody getting together
Everybody eating well
Universal Human Rights
Children learning instead of dying
Clean air, free clean water, no war
No raping in Darfur
No malaria, AIDS, SARS or bird flu
Repurposing of all nukes for energy
All landmines destroyed no new made
Massive energy conservation
Clean green local energy
Media just reports the truth
Turn pollution into resources
Turn sunlight into power
Stop chopping down trees or plant 2
Stop living beyond our means
So much less worry
So much less hate
More time to think and care
No torture
Less jails
Much Less violence
The virtuous cycle spinning up
Prosperity for all
With planning and foresight
No need to bash republicans
No anger at Christians or Muslims or Hindus or Jews or Scientologists
or Buddhists or people unlike me
Time to relax and look around
Space to breathe and reflect
Wilderness to get lost and found in
Family close enough to walk to
Everyone gets a little farm
Pollution-free public transit
Music when and how you like it
People working hard at jobs they love
So much less stuff needed
More time for naps
Much less danger in the city
An outright end to homelessness
Enough food for the planet
Universal health care paid by govt
World trade is truly fair trade
Every child cared for and loved
Reconciled families
Youth have many outlets for growth and self expression
World rebuilds itself w/cooperation
History is reported accurately

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's september 12 that matters

The tragedy is the impetus for change as well as growth, and we all
have our own September 11's.

Who do you want to be? What will you be remembered for? I like to
think that I faced my tragedy head on, learned what part I played in
the event, and consciously evolved to incorporate it positively.

With grand coincidence, my father Richard Scott Campbell died on
September 11, 1984. The event was tragic for many in his and my
worlds. I have been doing my best to keep his spirit alive inside
myself, and I believe that he has had a lasting influence despite his

My Campbell Charger invention was a channeling of his innovative
energy saving spirit. I made it for myself but I hope it can be used
as an example for others to liberate themselves (albeit briefly) from
the grid, and perhaps inspire further homemade innovations.



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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear America,

Dear America,
Are you fully aware of where you are in History? What progress is
pending this November?

That this is the very time you have all been waiting for. That planet
earth itself will directly benefit by this current Peace push.

It's happening all over the globe. Despite the bombs in Delhi, the
baby milk scares in China, the ejection of the US envoy to Venezuela,
and the saber-rattling about a pending Cold War redux, Peace is at hand.

It's always at hand, but, like love, we refuse it because we so often
fail to recognize it. Peace is not marked by fanfare, but by awed
silence. You need to be quiet enough to hear it clearly.

Again, like love, if we were not intoduced to it by our parents and
forebearers, we look sideways at Peace. Think about your first love
experience. Did it soothe your soul or break your heart? Your next
love experience will be flavored by the first, but you do get another

Countries are like people. They can get along, but they have very
little experience doing so. We need to practice more. And the USA
needs to collectively as a people get better at getting along.

This November, Peace in the USA will be given a chance. We have the
chance to give it to ourselves.

Let's give the candidate that speaks more about giving Peace a chance
to move forward. Let's tell the candidate that talks more about war
that we want Peace instead. This election is a referendum on Peace.
Vote for sanity, prosperity, progress, health, love, community, and
the planet. Vote Peace in 2008.

Aaron Campbell

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Campbell Charger 3

This is my iPhone, and if you have a good eye and a clear monitor, you can see the little icon in the upper right hand corner of the iPhone that shows it is in fact charging. Another proof is the iGo blue light to the right of the iPhone. It charges the phone slower than its own AC charger, but it's enough to keep me mobile all day.

Campbell Charger 2

Panel from VW with voltage showing 20.1 volts. This is in direct sunlight. The panel says maximum is 18v. This came for free with many VW vehicles, it was used to trickle charge the batteries during shipping and/or storage. Available on Ebay for $15-20.

Campbell Charger

The Campbell Charger with all parts displayed.
1. Solar Panel free from VW
2. iGo car charging connector from Radio Shack.
3. Radio Shack 12v car connector with alligator clips (could also be a male/female)
4. Apple iPhone being charged

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heaven in Seattle

Here's the family at Alki, on a ramp en route to my and Piper's first sighting of live starfish. Awesome weather, excellent location, terrific company. It would make a progressive out of anyone. We gotta save this planet, and quick. Piper's kids deserve it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Becoming a Creek Steward

Okay, so it's really just a picture of me from my iPhone, but it's moments after my decision to become a Creek Steward again. I stopped after Elise got pregnant, and have wanted to start up again. The creek is reflected in my glasses, actually. I'll be cutting/pulling blackberry vines, fishing trash out of the pond, and cleaning up around the Meadowbrook Creek/Pond/Catchment. It's a "grassroots organizing" moment...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Campbell Energy Earth Charger

This is the crude non-engineering schematic for my Campbell Charger. I imagine my father Richard Campbell would be proud: It's all Radio Shack all the time. I imagine also that he would be somewhat disappointed that I didn't solder a damned thing in my contraption, but it was all off-the-shelf stuff. To the right is a journal entry that blathers on about my other hobby, World Peace.

Campbell Diagrams 9/11/08

These are the updated Campbell Diagrams. They are based on a recurring vision that the Universe is made of tiny figure-eight-looking strings. It's String Theory with a spiritual twist, bundling the forces of Gravity, Love and G0d.

Essentially, the matter in the Universe is affected by gravitational waves that can be easily and scientifically referred to as Love. The Love [gravitational energy] binds the G0d [matter], creating what we experience as the physical Universe. Both particles and waves, the [energy/gravity/mass] is held together (or projected upon) the background radiation [dark matter/anti-particles/anti-gravity].

The Large Hadron Collider should prove this theory fairly directly, showing the deepest look at the particles and their anti-particle counterparts and how they interact with the medium they swim in, background radiation/dark matter. It's all just flavors of the same stuff, the graviton or Higgs Boson, whatever we end up calling it. Big, seemingly empty spaces of dark energy should be discovered soon after we distinguish the matter that it surrounds.

This big empty space is mirrored in cosmic fractalism, shedding light on the theory that there is no incongruity between Standard Model Cosmic physics and Quantum Physics. The smallest does in fact refer and explain the biggest and vice-versa. For the religious, "we are made in G0d's image" can now be seen scientifically, on the Cosmic scale, the Quantum scale, and all scales in between.

On the spiritual plane, the faith that it takes to accept all this Science is the same faith that it takes to believe in a "Higher Power", "Great Architect", or "Intelligent Designer".

From Heisenberg, we cannot know where a thing is and it's speed at the same time, so we must ultimately have faith that what we are "seeing" really is something.

Further, since it's all basically at its core way too big and at the same time way too small, we can't truly ever prove any damned thing at all. This is the meaning of Illusion. This is the Tao of Physics, methinks. It's perhaps more accurate to think of the Universe as becoming rather than being, that it's all always in motion, vibrating this way and that at every level and dimension since "time" "began"....

In honor of that beautiful mystery, I offer up this symbol: {∞}
It is the set of infinity, the totality of it all. It is also a representation of the smallest things, the super strings, hovering in all dimensions in a figure-eight path.
It's my brand of faith, that there is a pervasive Great Spirit that is the essence of each super string, and it makes up the Universe. This Universe is at Peace, and the elements that make it up are at Peace, and all things in between could also be so. Chaotic, but Peace nonetheless.

May you find that Peace yourself.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sharing all thoughts

Sharing all thoughts

I wonder if it's best to simply share all my thoughts. Radical honesty
some call it. Would I benefit by becoming fully integrated or would I
realize some thoughts are simply best left unspoken and unshared?

Blogs can be places where honesty flourishes, or where supposed
transparency is peddled. I write what's on my mind mostly, but I
confess to periodically writing what I want people to *think* is on my

Blogging is a phenomenon, a social global one at that, but it's not
without its issues....ditto that with Twitter.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

God / = \. War

That Guy

Ed Begley Jr.'s personal Pack n' Play

Malarkey and Dutch! This is far geekier than I had anticipated. Here goes.

Ed Begley Jr.'s Personal Pack n' Play

1. Igoogledweefabwhichbroughtuplifeportsolarcarport.


3. I then reviewed it as the first discoverer of the page, with this brief and unenlightened observation:

You discovered 7 minutes agoEdit Tags or Review
so many green goodnesses here it's hard to keep track. Here's my short list: A carport. A breezy dwelling. An ideal solar PV or solar HW surface that you can orient perfectly in any season. A tabernacle. A solar wedding canopy. A yurt. A retail shack for beaches (cue Corona ad intro). A Bumbershoot booth (GT). A covered off-grid sound check booth for outdoor concerts. An good investment during an energy crisis. A an off-grid portable roadside fruitstand. A convention booth. An equatorial home. A double hedge on global warming. Beachside sports bar (as shown). Hurricane relief center. Sub-Saharan African medical center. National Guard barracks. Resort beach shades. Small town community center module. --ABC
in list format:

  1. Carport.
  2. Ideal solar PV or solar HW surface that you can orient perfectly in any season.
  3. Tabernacle.
  4. Solar wedding canopy.
  5. Yurt.
  6. Retail shack for beaches (cue Corona ad intro).
  7. Bumbershoot booth (GT).
  8. Covered off-grid sound check booth for outdoor concerts.
  9. Good investment during an energy crisis.
  10. Off-grid portable roadside fruitstand.
  11. Convention booth.
  12. Equatorial home.
  13. double hedge on global warming.
  14. Beachside sports bar (as shown).
  15. Hurricane relief center.
  16. Sub-Saharan African medical center.
  17. National Guard barracks.
  18. Resort beach shades.
  19. Small town community center module.
  20. Neighborhood BBQ shelter
  21. Concert amphitheatre performance space
  22. Willie Nelson's dressing room
  23. Ed Begley Jr's personal Pack n' Play
This is my second piece of "writing" I deem useful to the public at large. I hope to get more gigs doing reviews of this sort, so I'm going to cross-post this to along with my "10 things that make you a real eco-broker" essay. It would be interesting to hone this craft of review, since it's really a valuable service that I normally do for free, i.e. *ranting*.

Hope I've been of service.