Friday, September 12, 2008

Becoming a Creek Steward

Okay, so it's really just a picture of me from my iPhone, but it's moments after my decision to become a Creek Steward again. I stopped after Elise got pregnant, and have wanted to start up again. The creek is reflected in my glasses, actually. I'll be cutting/pulling blackberry vines, fishing trash out of the pond, and cleaning up around the Meadowbrook Creek/Pond/Catchment. It's a "grassroots organizing" moment...


  1. Are you out stewarding creeks again? How many times have I told you not to leave the toilet seat up? That's right, never. Not once! And for the record, that has nothing to do with creek stewardship. Don't forget to take your hat off when you're in the presence of a steward. Otherwise, you might catch flies, but only if you slather your face with honey and bacon fat. So, stay out of the pantry, unless you know what's good for you, or you want to make a sandwich. While you're at it, would you make me one, too---preferably a fluffer-nutter with strawberries: Fresh strawberries, not those frozen or freeze-dried kind.

    Please send any and all inquiries to the following address (batteries not included).

    This rant brought to you by Joe's 10 minute break: "Joe's give us 10 minutes, we'll make a break for it."

    Brotherly love,


  2. hilarious, very Groucho Marx.
    Who, incidentally, was born on my birthday, in a vat of kosher lePesach bacon fat. Seriously, though, a creek steward is really the best thing I could possibly be doing with three hours out of my month.