Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Therapeutic Muscle Clamps

Clamps that normally work with wood, but applied to human muscles. Send a low voltage charge through as well. Can be self-applied. Easy-release. Do they have silicone finger attachments? Can you put them in the microwave and warm them up, or in the freezer? You bet!

Speed Zone indicators in pavement

Idea first posted in GlobalIdeasBank. Just like the rumble strips that get you to slow down as you get closer to the border or an airport, only the rumbling is specific to speeds required by law. The faster, the higher pitch, the slower the lower pitch. Cuts in the road would be good alternative to reapplying layers of cement. Could be done with slightly different grooves of pavement as well, in alternating patterns to indicate speeds. Could be done with road turtles as well, or simply raised paint.

New Sci Fi movie about Siddartha

Non-violent (Sorry, Neo) movie that goes through the life of the Buddha in a regular town, where the Buddha is a regular person who discovers the secret of suffering cessation. Perhaps a woman as Buddha. Non-famous actors. Excellent soundtrack (Massive Attack? Air? Postal Service?). Should be true to the story of the Buddha. Does innovative non-violent stuff to do conflict resolution. Should be a tad psychedelic, but not kitschy. Lots of cool nature shots required. Feel Good, but realistic.

Non-Newtonian Fluid Games

• Tag
• Shuttle Run, like in high school fitness test
• float a friend
• long jump, triple jump
• jump rope

Idea Camp *plus* Conflict Resolution 8x

My pal Joe "ideas in repose" Crick is repurposing his creative energy and asked for some ideas for a mixture of Idea Camp and Conflict Resolution Training Camp. Here are some game ideas for this concept:

• Game that rewards collaboration between kids, where you make one thingamajig and the next person must improve it and/or add to it.
• Game that rewards cross-pollination of 2 or 3 simple ideas to make one novel idea.
• Game (Classic) that rewards kids for coming up with the most ideas for repurposing a basic object. “Paper Bag Skit” equivalent.
• Same as above but instead of quantity, rewards quality (ie best idea)
• Biomimicry game, no idea what it would be yet but it’s where a man-made thing mimics the design of a natural thing.
• “Make it for kids” exercise where you repurpose “adult” stuff for kids.
sensory deprivation games where kids are deprived of a sense (sight, hearing, smell, etc) and then do any other game to see how they would fare
• Gather up game, where the object is to simply get others to join you (with certain parameters)
• RE-DO, drama game where kids get to re-enact a conflict in the past in a non-conflict fashion, could be called “Director” where you direct your own old movie differently. Directors Cut of your life. Playback theatre style, but you do conflict resolution of past traumas.
• VR poverty survival game to get kids to empathize with developing countries kids. Like “Halo 3” but with no guns and no food and no infrastructure and no running water and no support system no vaccines no parents and it’s real.

8x idea, for shizzle biodizzle!

Polarized contact lenses

Never known anyone to have them, and it would really be cool for us myopic folks. Vuarnet contact lenses, yo.

Dryer intakes from ceiling

Heating elements are the biggest energy hogs in the house. Dryer is one of the worst. The silliest part of the dryer setup is that it pulls in cool air from beneath the dryer to heat up in the dryer coils. Why not pull the dryer intake air from the ceiling where it's hotter already? A flat duct, painted to suit of course, runs warmer air from the ceiling down into the dryer. Not rocket science, but requires a bit of an aesthetic workaround.

LED warning lights and detection for stoves

Stove is hot, the big red LED sign blinks HOT. Might as well put it on the oven part as well, and for the blind, a similar system that makes a sizzling noise until the oven/stove cools down. Many ways to set up the LED system, could also just blink, or even show red when it's hot and green when it's cool. X2 idea for universal access!

Foot operable kitchen drawers

not just incidentally operable, but built to be so. The push-pop style is cool, but the mechanism wears out. I want a groove underneath for the bottom drawers and all the handles to be big enough to fit the top of my foot without getting it stuck forever.

New Baby Sling imitates "football" position

With an insulated arm-sized hump in the mix, a new baby sling would hold the baby out in front of you, face down, head to the side. Babies love this position as an alternative to the face-up position. It's just tough on parents' arms. Enter the new sling that suspends baby face down, with an insert that mimics your other arms underneath the baby. Much parental satisfaction to be had here...

Home biogas digesters

geared specifically for parents with newborns. Come on, seriously, all these damned diapers HAVE to account for something! Make your own methane, folks! Burn it in a generator and put the savings in your kids college fund!