Friday, February 29, 2008

Glowing lampshades

Not sure how annoying it might be in certain situations when you want
pitch black rooms, but it would be excellent if the globes and
lampshades in my home all glowed for a few hours after we turn off the
light. Cheap fix, and could obviate the need for nightlights in some
circumstances. Options for artistic versions and different colors. How
about the reverse of the original image on the shade? Many creative
applications available. One shade might say ON in the day/ when on,
and then glow OFF at night. That kind if thing. This is a hattrick idea.

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Micro turbines in roof vents

Also inside my chimney. My house vents heat and air all the time and
might generate enough power to run my water pump on cloudy days.

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Flat school tax?

I'd pay a few hundred dollars a year to improve my local public
school. I'm tired of levies to constantly beg for money and I'm tired
of failed govt programs.

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Rain catch and release system

Rain comes down in buckets but just try to catch in them and put that
precious resource to use. I propose that someone should invent a
specific cistern and solar electric pump that gathers up the rain that
falls on your roof to be used later as irrigation.

Big recycled plastic cistern. Sturdy Trex platform to lift the cistern
high enough to give it some gravitas. Solar pump to move the water
faster or uphill for irrigation.

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