Saturday, January 26, 2008

Smoke Detector Remote

First, a more robust smoke detector. Second, it comes with a simple remote on/off switch with a magnet that you mount on your fridge. You burn the toast, the smoke rises, you temporarily turn off the detector. Better than frantically waving a towel for 10 minutes while your houseguests wonder if you're burning their plastic plates in the microwave. Hey, even if you were, you'd be able to turn the smoke detector off!

Soccer Teams and Play-Doh

Say the title a few times and think about ancient philosophy. This was the name for my book about soccer when I was 12. It was about training ideas and how to mentally prepare yourself to win. It can now be my new band name. Chapaqua!

Piezoelectric Play-Doh

Yeah, I said it: piezoelectric. Each color reacts differently to other colors. Nanotechnology required. The playdoh can be zapped and instantly made hard as a rock, rubbery, liquid. Think Flubber, but tastes slightly salty and yummy.

Baby Go Cot

Inflatable, like Thermarest, little cot for travel, dinners out, car camping. 6 inches high edges. Straps for setting on chair or table. Cool colors. Oval shaped. Nonslip. Doubled as changing table.

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bird recognition binoculars

like my now famous OCR binoculars, using the same tech but adding a
kind of face recognition software, ornithologists will cry when
newbies take to the forests and best them in their own sport! Okay,
its not for hatred that this idea springs forth, but for birding.
Serious birding, yo.