Monday, February 11, 2008

Smart Bolts

More nano-tech. Bolts that have a carbon nanotube running down the center that knows how much it's being torqued. Great for lug-nuts on cars, so you can tell how hard you have to tighten it in order to be safe and secure. Could use kinetic energy to give off a tiny amount of light, brighter=tighter.

Things this blog could do 4 U & me

  • bring ad revenue if I can figure out how
  • add friends and commnunity who want to use me as a creative consultant
  • cause a bunch of other people who have ideas to start blogging them because like me they can't bear to die with their idea in their head.
  • help me eventually patent or sell an idea that I've blogged, make millions and start an idea incubator that sponsors my Idea Camp.
  • help get the Green idea out there some more.
  • continue to heal my aching mind as the weight of unspoken ideas is lessened.

iPhone Video iChat hack, iLike

So, my iPhone has a nice little 2.0 megapixel camera and I've seen the hack programs that let it be a video camera, but sadly there're no looking into the camera as you see the other person during iChat like I can from my iMac. Crappy i naming convention!

The answer, dear Apple, is to hack a little mirror that snaps onto the top of the iPhone that will bounce your image back to the camera on the other side of the phone. Must have other purposes, like as a signal when you're shipwrecked or a makeup mirror. Must look Apple-y.

Parking Space Guides

In Seattle, many beautiful craftsman homes get this tiny little slot of a parking space, right off the main arterial. It requires some kind of superhuman telemetry to park your Outback at a sharp 45 degree angle, doing 20 mph in order not to hold up traffic.

Enter: Space Guides. It's a recycled plastic product that guides you into your space on rails. Like an automated car wash without the automation. Think Washington State Ferry docks. At the end, you get a gentle rubber stop to maximize parking spaces while keeping your car from scraping the underside on a cement curb.

Redneki Hana!

Surly, talented, and genuine short order cook will griddle bacon, eggs, chicken fried steak, pork chops and hush puppies at your table. He/she will make fun of you and your friends while whipping you up a fabulously greasy meal.

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