Friday, January 25, 2008

Band Name: Outbound Ryan

Chicagoans will know what I mean. First Album: "To the Airport".

Cantina Role Playing Bar

Bar that is set up identical to Star Wars Cantina for role playing. It's a regular bar, but every so often, people get a chance to dress up like any of the characters and the entire Cantina Scene is played out. It could get old, yes, but it could also be very subtly different each time. A hint of inflection here, and "Tell Jabba I'll get him his money" becomes a come-on. We don't want any trouble here....

Tablet computer paper overlay

I want the feedback on my tablet to be much more, um, feedbacky. I want it to feel like paper when I run my stylus over the screen, write, etc. The stylus should also have a little feedback rather than being slick and frictionless. I want it to feel paper, but not all the time. A screen overlay that is totally transparent, specifically for writing/sketching.

Fan run by lights returns heat

TSIA. Lights still put out a fair amount of heat, which goes up as we know. I think there ought to be a small fan that sends that heat back down from the light fixture, discretely, and without a lot of power consumption. Works best with old incandescent bulbs I suppose. Would have to be silent.

I'll Do It Dot Com

Could also be called "I'll pay you to do it". Hmm, might sound fishy. Anyhow, a matching website that people bid on and offer tasks for money. Okay, that sounds fishy too. So, in essence, there ought to be a place to say "Hey, Anybody, I need a sweater knit for my friend with the word "rockstar" sewn into the sleeve. I'll pay you $40 plus materials for it". And people can sort through categories to get paid to do stuff. Maybe needs to be limited to certain categories (like products instead of services). Can of worms, meet my friend opener...