Sunday, February 3, 2008

Local Kid Done Good

I think neighborhoods should support their local children. I want a program in place in every neighborhood in America to start intentionally and seriously supporting the kids. Whether that means scholarships or job opportunities or simply a hand in building their dream soap box derby car. We need to take a fresh look at the neighborhood dynamic and make it much more robust. It's one of the first places that you can truly see community development really work. Kids first, though. Neighborhood councils are a great place to start. Must be apolitical.

First thing would be to simply get to know the kids themselves. Have a meet your neighborhood kids night. Make a website for them to post their questions and progress as they grow. If someone is interested in playing guitar, neighbor loans one. If they need money for a school project, neighbors provide work to do for money. Support your local kid. Seriously.

Obama in 08

This is one of the best ideas ever. A new direction for the USA, a new direction for the world. We need a statesman, a leader, a pragmatist, a unifier, a fresh mindset, a grassroots supporter, a progressive as President of the USA.

He can win the general election with his legions of young voters, disenfranchised voters, independent voters, true replublican voters, values voters, progressives, people who want out of Iraq and other wars of aggression, people who want alternative energy solutions to become law during their lifetime, people who want an overhaul to the healthcare system, and pretty much everyone in the USA. That's Obama's key demographic: Real Americans. If you consider yourself one, he's your candidate, it's a fresh, new, good idea.

Iphone Car Adapter

I want to use my iPhone in my car, but don't want to hassle with it. I want a plug in system that lets me dock my iPhone for viewing, routes the mic and speakers to the car, and sends the video out to a screen behind my headrest for viewing and interaction for my backseat people. Obviously, it should charge the thing as well, maybe even make a data backup for it on a separate internal HD. Please, Apple, Make this..