Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vacuum Data Pellets

for gathering data about a house. Nano pellets left in rug take information about moisture, dander, allergens, etc. Like the balls in the movie "Twister", but for your carpet.

The Path: A Buddha Video Game

Follow the life of the Buddha, get points for doing Buddha-esque actions. Choose your own adventure books accompany the game. Has a biodfeedback (for heart rate and breathing) test that comes with the game controller. Also comes in board game version made from recycled paper and renewable bamboo.

Band Name: Vicodin Superstar

or perhaps Mr. Methadone

Yard Sale Diner

A restaurant that offers all the furniture for sale that you are currently eating on.

Good food, goood show (waiters sell the place settings) times for live auctions. Waitstaff picks out their own tables. Mobile display walls with lamps and art for sale. Chairs get swapped during the meal.