Monday, January 7, 2008

#6 "Studly Eco Daddy Gear"

First, I'm now wondering if I should blog each idea separately.
Second, I don't think I'm going to be able to hold myself to one idea per day....

#6 "Studly Eco Daddy Gear": While walking shamelessly around Greenlake with my tattoo, my wife I met online and my new baby, Piper, I realized two things: #1, I am absolutely a glaring example of "That Seattle Guy", and #2, I want more masculine baby stuff. To that end I chatted with my wife and came up with "Studly Dad Gear". Simple enough, all the stuff that moms have to keep young'ns happy need to be masculine-ized. I foresee a daddy utility belt (like a wild-west ammunition belt) that you wear across your chest, but instead of bullets you have rip-stop waterproof cordura pouches with baby supplies: food in ziplocs, velcro-sealed diapers, iPod, cellphone, etc. Pouches themselves would be removable/movable. Cooler than a fanny pack and much more durable, made with hemp and recycled plastic fibers. More studly eco daddy stuff to come I am sure...

1. Baby Lamp

This is my new idea blog. It's hopefully self-explanatory. This is its redundant explanation: I will blog my new ideas here. My goal is to come up with one or more new ideas per day. The idea does not have to be new to everyone else, just new to me. No repeats, no slacking.

Let's get cracking:

1. Baby Lamp: At night, it's hard to see my newborn baby without turning on the overhead light, especially when changing her diaper. This light is blinding (even though it's a 40 watt equivalent CFL). I want a light that is low, uses very little power (LED optimally), and shines a spectrum that won't wake the baby.