Monday, January 7, 2008

#6 "Studly Eco Daddy Gear"

First, I'm now wondering if I should blog each idea separately.
Second, I don't think I'm going to be able to hold myself to one idea per day....

#6 "Studly Eco Daddy Gear": While walking shamelessly around Greenlake with my tattoo, my wife I met online and my new baby, Piper, I realized two things: #1, I am absolutely a glaring example of "That Seattle Guy", and #2, I want more masculine baby stuff. To that end I chatted with my wife and came up with "Studly Dad Gear". Simple enough, all the stuff that moms have to keep young'ns happy need to be masculine-ized. I foresee a daddy utility belt (like a wild-west ammunition belt) that you wear across your chest, but instead of bullets you have rip-stop waterproof cordura pouches with baby supplies: food in ziplocs, velcro-sealed diapers, iPod, cellphone, etc. Pouches themselves would be removable/movable. Cooler than a fanny pack and much more durable, made with hemp and recycled plastic fibers. More studly eco daddy stuff to come I am sure...

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