Monday, January 28, 2008

Hypercolor Wall Covering

Paint that changes color with heat. Or, like in the Pacific Science Center, a wall that holds differences in light for a brief amount of time, glowing briefly. Hmm, perhaps glow in the dark paint that's less expensive is the real idea here, but I also want color changing walls, so there you go. 1.5x ideas

Web Magnifier

I want a tool on my mouse that works the way that old Apple MacOS system 8 did for the viewing impaired: A keystroke triggers the mouse (or a tap on the screen somewhere) to become a big magnifying lens, with the ability to mouse click from within it. When I use the key functions or preferences to make the viewing font bigger, the images and text within those images are still small. Did I miss some function in Firefox that lets me do this?

Home Wiring Gun

This may be totally unfeasable, but then again...
If the right material was engineered, one should be able to lay down wires (insulated, even) with a caulking gun. Just squeeze out the wiring goo and install the wires without having to staple or nail or snap them in. Easily painted, won't come off, great for low-voltage wiring.