Monday, February 4, 2008

Warming pockets for soccer shorts

Seriously. Fleece-lining. Adds hip padding for turf shock absorption
as a bonus. Toss a hand heater in there for winter games. Also doubles
as pocket.
Um, triples.

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Musical Lincoln Logs

As if you had changed all the normal wooden building logs for kids
into marimba keys. Build up towers and then play them. Knock them down
with a satisfying chorus of destruction. They would have to have the
notes stamped/burned into each block. Natural stained wood. Optional
rack to play them like a xylophone. Recycled or reclaimed wood or
bamboo. X2 ideas.

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Buddhist world cup

Competitions include "detachment off", "good wishes for all sentient brings video podcast", and "meditation decathalon".

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Baby/planet safe butt dryer

I have had great success with an idea that I learned from my older sister: use a hairdryer on its side to dry off (and warm) baby while changing.

I would improve it by reducing the wattage (currently an arctic-melting 1500 watts) and making it quieter than the current Boeing 777 db levels we currently enjoy. While I am at it I'll add a flavor other than burned hair. Can I flavor the air? Damn right I can.

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Water soluble vaporizer flavors

Lavender, eucalyptus, maple bar. We have a vaporizer and i would like
it to smell much yummier or at least more natural.

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