Friday, February 1, 2008

Dramatic Path Lighting!

When I walk from my car to my house, I want a motion-triggered light to swivel around and light up my way. EMG submission, damn she smart!

Red Light for Fridge

So I don't freakin go night blind every time I get up to get some juice at night, I want a switch on the outside of the fridge that I can flip to make the main fridge light go off and a red light inside go on. Could be even easier, just turn the intensity of the light already in there down to a minimum. Has to be from the outside though, or perhaps be put on a timer so it happens at night and not in the day.

Baby Warm Blanket

I want a nano-enhanced blanket that when you rub the blanket back and forth a couple times, it gets cozy and warm without burning the kid. Not an electric blanket, just a quick and easy solution to the "woken up baby due to cold bedding" problem.

Baby Sock Savers

Baby socks fall off all the time. They need to be held up somehow. One idea is to clip them on to the pants, but how about a string that connects the two socks together, just like mittens were strung together when you were a kid, so you wouldn't lose them. EMG idea submission.

Neighborhood Superintendent

Just like the super in a New York City apartment building, people who have their own homes also need someone to take care of maintenance. I want to know who they are (be from the neighborhood), I want to know they know what they are doing (licensed and bonded). I don't want to have to bother about whether or not to trust them (his/her kids go to my kids' school.) They should be able to do carpentry and plumbing, and be able to sub out bigger or more technical jobs, and generally be able to take care of business in the homes. Also, like a super, should be able to let workers into the house (so homeowners don't have to wait from "12-4" in order to let the plumber do 20 minutes of work). Does regular scheduled maintenance as well as project-based work. A general contractor of sorts who acts as a single point of contact for work to be done in your house. Idea collaboration with Michael and Elise Gruber.

Remote International Code Proofing

There should be some kind of code proofing service so that dialog boxes for software would make sense to English speaking people. I guess it's localization, but why don't people do it? Could be a big service, esp in this Global Village style digital workplace. With Help From Rod Fox.

iPhone midi control surface

Wouldn't it be nice to use the iPhone as a midi control surface for applications like Reason or Ableton live?
Sent from Rod Fox.