Thursday, June 19, 2008

public thought

Might as well come out with it:

I have a secret plan.

I'm putting a team together, and you're already on it.

I may or may not have already met you, but I can assure you that you've been picked.

My job on the planet is two-fold: Change how we power our lives, and make sure everyone I can possibly contact is supported in their right livelihood.

Those are my deeper skills: energy and connections.

It's essential, no matter how batty it sounds, that people make these kind of thoughts public. That's what's been missing, I think. That people have been keeping their golden thoughts buried. I would urge you to share those thoughts.

There may or may not be monetary wealth that comes from the sharing of your inner dreams and golden thoughts, but you should share them anyway.

Your right livelihood is beckoning, and you need to make a decision: decide to listen to that inner whisper that will grow to a shout. Trust that pulse of goodness that knows you better than you might (right now) know yourself. Take that supposed risk and make that thought public.