Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meta Game

A system or kit that showed you how to set up games within games that
you already own. I. E Settlers of CAtan with Candyland...

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Union outsource reclamation

USA companies should send out a request for bids on products that they
are thinking of sending the manufacturing abroad. Give our labor
sector a chance to do the work. It might be that they can't do it as
cheaply but we ought to give them a shot.

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Iphone copy n paste

Seriously Apple, let's see some real thinking here. My old Newton does

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Stereo recycling

I see way too many broken (or still working but ugly) home stereos
lying forlorn on the side of the road. Its a tragedy. I want a service
that recycles stereos with the same vigor that we apply to computer
recycling. Awww snap!

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Trampoline flooring

I think people should all have a room in their house that has a
trampoline floor. It's just good policy. Ceilings will have to be
different. Insurance plicies will have to change. Neck braces will
suddenly be cheaper...

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iPhone drum pad

For sure this is on its way. Touch screen + music = drum pad pod. I
want to tap out beats as I listen to music on the iPod. No, I NEED to
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