Friday, January 18, 2008

iTunes visualizer for iPhone

Okay, so I just bought one. Sue me. I do think that one of the best things about itunes is the visualizer. Do it for the iPhone and wow the kids. Might as well make a video out port on the thing so you can project the visuals for an impromptu rave at your house. Couple it with iDJ software that lets you virtually scratch your itunes while they are playing, and cue up new tunes while using a simple virtual mixer/slider/fader. Please, Apple, hire me if only to let me suggest these things. (This is an x3 idea, btw.) Kablooie!

Proximity sensor for iPhone

I can think of a few apps that might use the sensor: iPhone Theremin is just the tip of the iceberg. You should be able to adapt the current camera to be the sensor, perhaps it can already do it in a way. The iphone theremin would be yet another music app that Apple should offer.

"Franchise Me" Website

A website and portal that tells you how to franchise your current business. It should have tons of resources and tons of ads along the side. It should point newbies at the right first steps to scaling up your business. It should also have businesses that currently franchise and show you what it might cost for you to start yours.

LIghting Lab at Home Depot

I don't care which store puts it in, frankly. I just want a specific part of the store dedicated to showing people what light is cast by what CFL. They are not all the same, and the lights in the store above mask the real light cast from the bulb (if there's a display at all). I want to see for myself what "cool" and "warm" CFLs are before I buy them, take them home, and have my family groan at my new living room that is lit like a hospital.

iPhone Music Maker

Come on Apple! I can tap on the screen but I can't have it record that tap as a beat and play it for my kid? Record my voice as a song and put simple keyboard music to it? I can type on a virtual keyboard, I want a virtual drum pad and piano, stat! Bazingo!

Green TV cable station

Environmental TV on Cable. Discovery Channel won't cut it anymore. I don't even have cable and I know this is necessary.

iPhone writing app

Come on Apple! I want to be able to draw on my iPhone! Right now. I could do with with my 5 year old Kyocera Palm phone. True, I can't take photos with that oldie, but I did love the notetaking feature.

digital spirograph

I want a digital spirograph that lets me choose the same wheel and disk options as the old Spirograph. Please, tell me you remember the Spirograph!