Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Dream

No matter how corny or trite it may seem, this is my actual dream:
Everybody getting together
Everybody eating well
Universal Human Rights
Children learning instead of dying
Clean air, free clean water, no war
No raping in Darfur
No malaria, AIDS, SARS or bird flu
Repurposing of all nukes for energy
All landmines destroyed no new made
Massive energy conservation
Clean green local energy
Media just reports the truth
Turn pollution into resources
Turn sunlight into power
Stop chopping down trees or plant 2
Stop living beyond our means
So much less worry
So much less hate
More time to think and care
No torture
Less jails
Much Less violence
The virtuous cycle spinning up
Prosperity for all
With planning and foresight
No need to bash republicans
No anger at Christians or Muslims or Hindus or Jews or Scientologists
or Buddhists or people unlike me
Time to relax and look around
Space to breathe and reflect
Wilderness to get lost and found in
Family close enough to walk to
Everyone gets a little farm
Pollution-free public transit
Music when and how you like it
People working hard at jobs they love
So much less stuff needed
More time for naps
Much less danger in the city
An outright end to homelessness
Enough food for the planet
Universal health care paid by govt
World trade is truly fair trade
Every child cared for and loved
Reconciled families
Youth have many outlets for growth and self expression
World rebuilds itself w/cooperation
History is reported accurately

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