Thursday, September 11, 2008

Campbell Energy Earth Charger

This is the crude non-engineering schematic for my Campbell Charger. I imagine my father Richard Campbell would be proud: It's all Radio Shack all the time. I imagine also that he would be somewhat disappointed that I didn't solder a damned thing in my contraption, but it was all off-the-shelf stuff. To the right is a journal entry that blathers on about my other hobby, World Peace.

Campbell Diagrams 9/11/08

These are the updated Campbell Diagrams. They are based on a recurring vision that the Universe is made of tiny figure-eight-looking strings. It's String Theory with a spiritual twist, bundling the forces of Gravity, Love and G0d.

Essentially, the matter in the Universe is affected by gravitational waves that can be easily and scientifically referred to as Love. The Love [gravitational energy] binds the G0d [matter], creating what we experience as the physical Universe. Both particles and waves, the [energy/gravity/mass] is held together (or projected upon) the background radiation [dark matter/anti-particles/anti-gravity].

The Large Hadron Collider should prove this theory fairly directly, showing the deepest look at the particles and their anti-particle counterparts and how they interact with the medium they swim in, background radiation/dark matter. It's all just flavors of the same stuff, the graviton or Higgs Boson, whatever we end up calling it. Big, seemingly empty spaces of dark energy should be discovered soon after we distinguish the matter that it surrounds.

This big empty space is mirrored in cosmic fractalism, shedding light on the theory that there is no incongruity between Standard Model Cosmic physics and Quantum Physics. The smallest does in fact refer and explain the biggest and vice-versa. For the religious, "we are made in G0d's image" can now be seen scientifically, on the Cosmic scale, the Quantum scale, and all scales in between.

On the spiritual plane, the faith that it takes to accept all this Science is the same faith that it takes to believe in a "Higher Power", "Great Architect", or "Intelligent Designer".

From Heisenberg, we cannot know where a thing is and it's speed at the same time, so we must ultimately have faith that what we are "seeing" really is something.

Further, since it's all basically at its core way too big and at the same time way too small, we can't truly ever prove any damned thing at all. This is the meaning of Illusion. This is the Tao of Physics, methinks. It's perhaps more accurate to think of the Universe as becoming rather than being, that it's all always in motion, vibrating this way and that at every level and dimension since "time" "began"....

In honor of that beautiful mystery, I offer up this symbol: {∞}
It is the set of infinity, the totality of it all. It is also a representation of the smallest things, the super strings, hovering in all dimensions in a figure-eight path.
It's my brand of faith, that there is a pervasive Great Spirit that is the essence of each super string, and it makes up the Universe. This Universe is at Peace, and the elements that make it up are at Peace, and all things in between could also be so. Chaotic, but Peace nonetheless.

May you find that Peace yourself.