Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Real Time Ride Share Website

I want to go to SEATAC at 4am and I live in North Seattle. I want to join up with other fliers in the vicinity and leverage those 5 people by telling Shuttle Express that they can meet us all at one location or that we're all in the same area going at the same time. We then negotiate a lower price for helping them consolidate their Shuttling and we save money, time and gas/carbon/planet with targeted carpooling. Could be leveraged in other ways as well: Crowd-sourcing taxi cab rides from bars with cellphones. I should be able to make instant friends by sharing a cab with random people leaving an area at the same time if we're all going in the same general area of town. This idea counts as two, boo hoo!

Band Name: Boolean Search

Come on Geek Rockers!

Smart Atomix

Like Smart Brix, but it's atoms now. Each atom module is a unit that when it connects to other atoms it knows. With that knowledge, it tells you what molecule it can or can't make. Molecules would be able to do the same, giving you a living science experiment modelling toy. Much computing required per atom/molecule, but we're likely pretty close. It just means each unit is self-aware. Perhaps the atoms must be on an aware pad of some sort that knows which atoms are where and how they connect and that feeds to a computer to off-shore the computing power. That way each atom doesn't need to be fitted with a full chipset.

Smart Brix

Corny name, but the idea is that LEGO should be improved and made super-geeky. Each brick (made from recycled plastic or vegetable resin) has embedded sensors that tell you what brick it is currently connected to, how much torque is currently being applied to it, how hot it is, and so forth. When each brick connects, the brick might also have its readout change and tell the user what it has currently made with this particular sequence. Great for mini-architects.

Micro-TED City Conference

Watch "Inside TED" on DVD. Then think about the $4,500 price tag on the conference and you'll come to the same conclusion I did: There needs to be a lower-cost local version of TED held in all the major cities that can support 1,000 people and their meeting for a kickass conference to share ideas and change the world, one city at a time.
TED is copywritten and trademarked and so forth, so the name must change, but the idea is solid, that the best/brightest/creativist/talentest should all get together, present for 18 minutes to each other, then have lunch with each other later and collaborate.
Me, I want to start the one here in Seattle, and I want to film the process by which I do so, then I want to see that turned into a TV show that showcases the changes that the Micro-TEDsters forced into being. This idea is worth 3 ideas, just in case you're counting along with me each day...Kablammo x3!