Monday, November 19, 2012

Description of ABC's "Infinity Set Theory"

abc's non-alphabetical description of "{∞} Infinity Set Theory"

"{∞} Theory" or "Infinity Set Theory" : Aaron Bruce Campbell's philosophical and typographic offer of a single symbol to represent the idea of merging a grand unified theory in physics with the spiritual essence of The One G0D, in an era of harmonious human peace The universe is infinitely big and only so small.  At either end of the spectrum, giant unknowable metaphysical secrets are generally referred to as the spiritual essence of G0D. G0D's physical presence is built from waves of undulating electric dust in a universal energy sea.

"{∞}" (typography, scientific claim, and etymology)  The symbol of infinity "∞" is set between two curly brackets, representing the smallest particle of which there are infinite amounts in the Universe.  As a phrase, it's "the idea of infinity, both smallest and largest".   Scientists refer to the current smallest physical bit of energy-matter as the Higgs-Boson, which theoretically moves around in space in a figure 8 pattern in all dimensions. Energy is itself matter at the absolute smallest scale, moving at or approaching the speed of light. The Universe (or Multiverse) is represented by the number of things and energy that it's made of, and that number is infinity.  Typing out "{∞}" is intentionally complex since it is attempting to represent the entire universe and humanity's place in it using 3 keyboard characters.  Gravity and Love are represented in a doubled loop of birth and death for humans. 

"{∞}" and humanity:  The human interaction with the Universe is primarily gravitational. We don't fly away from the earth due to gravity.  Gravity is based on mass, and mass equates directly to energy.  Gravity at the galactic scale is the key to the spinning of our planet Earth in its axis around the Sun.  We are socially pulled toward each other as humans, and we must also combine in a special way in order to reproduce.  This drawing toward each other is our gravity, or to put it another way, our love.  Humans are connected to the universe and to each other scientifically due to love.  I believe G0D is the infinite universe that loves itself down to its very smallest components and everything in between.  Humans are an equally magical part of that fractal dance of love between the entire physical universe and individual quantumphysical energy-wave base bits.

World peace: the primary goal of humanity's progressive drive toward prosperity and security, with the initial act of a prompt and secure ceasefire and subsequent steady multilateral disarmament. It will be designed by the biggest number of humans to ever make a single set of specific decisions together.  It will require significant resources to make the final successful offer and then coordinate the entire group, but the risks are dwarfed by the reward of ongoing security, prosperity, and peace.  World peace is emergent, attainable, economical, realistic, and necessary.  World peace is required for humanity to make it to the next level of their development, and without it humans usher their own extinction even more quickly than through climate change. World peace can only be designed properly when its architects and builders are not in fear of their lives, and each individual human retains identical basic human rights.

Ending Capital Punishment: the human-scale equivalent and fractal component of world peace is an end to interpersonal violence, and an end to all killing sanctioned by the government.  In the same way that huge financial savings are concurrent with ending armed national and civil conflicts, trillions of dollars will be saved when we move beyond the need to kill people who kill.  Ending capital punishment will reduce violence and associated costs immediately.

Permanent ownership of what's inside or attached to your skin:  A direct precursor to world peace, the idea that every human on planet earth owns everything inside or attached to their own skin.  A human owns their life and body from the moment it's disconnected from their mother's umbilical cord, until their own death.  Simply agreeing to a scientifically verifiable definition of human life on planet earth with save trillions of dollars.  If you own what's inside or attached to your skin, then you become an official living human only when your umbilical cord is cut, and you always get the last choice on whether or not you remain alive.