Monday, January 7, 2008

1. Baby Lamp

This is my new idea blog. It's hopefully self-explanatory. This is its redundant explanation: I will blog my new ideas here. My goal is to come up with one or more new ideas per day. The idea does not have to be new to everyone else, just new to me. No repeats, no slacking.

Let's get cracking:

1. Baby Lamp: At night, it's hard to see my newborn baby without turning on the overhead light, especially when changing her diaper. This light is blinding (even though it's a 40 watt equivalent CFL). I want a light that is low, uses very little power (LED optimally), and shines a spectrum that won't wake the baby.


  1. Sign me up for one of those RFID scanner things. I never know where my books or DVDs are, much less things that an insurer would actually want to know about.

  2. Yeah, it might be a tad overboard on the insurance thing, but they do like it when you engrave your name in the item so you can positively prove it's yours if it is recovered after being lost/stolen.