Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear America,

Dear America,
Are you fully aware of where you are in History? What progress is
pending this November?

That this is the very time you have all been waiting for. That planet
earth itself will directly benefit by this current Peace push.

It's happening all over the globe. Despite the bombs in Delhi, the
baby milk scares in China, the ejection of the US envoy to Venezuela,
and the saber-rattling about a pending Cold War redux, Peace is at hand.

It's always at hand, but, like love, we refuse it because we so often
fail to recognize it. Peace is not marked by fanfare, but by awed
silence. You need to be quiet enough to hear it clearly.

Again, like love, if we were not intoduced to it by our parents and
forebearers, we look sideways at Peace. Think about your first love
experience. Did it soothe your soul or break your heart? Your next
love experience will be flavored by the first, but you do get another

Countries are like people. They can get along, but they have very
little experience doing so. We need to practice more. And the USA
needs to collectively as a people get better at getting along.

This November, Peace in the USA will be given a chance. We have the
chance to give it to ourselves.

Let's give the candidate that speaks more about giving Peace a chance
to move forward. Let's tell the candidate that talks more about war
that we want Peace instead. This election is a referendum on Peace.
Vote for sanity, prosperity, progress, health, love, community, and
the planet. Vote Peace in 2008.

Aaron Campbell

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  1. You genuinely brought tears to my eyes, when you wrote: "It's always at hand, but, like love, we refuse it because we so often fail to recognize it." We often fail to recognize it, and we push it away out of fear, or a need to make the world in our own image (the original fall). How divinely beautiful, and how devious it is that we make the world in our own image---in the image we make for it in our mind. The paradigm that at once transforms, and rejects love without our conscious volition. Practice, practice, practice. Risk, risk, risk. Soften, soften, soften. Turn the other cheek. I understand that now, and it's amazingly powerful. Yes, vote for peace. Vote for peace.

  2. Also, a question: How can you conduct a peaceful election that tries truly to be inclusive, and unite people? One that doesn't create others and enemy images, but builds community?