Monday, September 15, 2008

Campbell Charger 3

This is my iPhone, and if you have a good eye and a clear monitor, you can see the little icon in the upper right hand corner of the iPhone that shows it is in fact charging. Another proof is the iGo blue light to the right of the iPhone. It charges the phone slower than its own AC charger, but it's enough to keep me mobile all day.


  1. That is f**king magic in action, brother man! You are the enviro-hack-king! F**king-A(aron Campbell). I am impressed, awed, and humbled by your simple, elegant accomplishment. It is truly a Revolutionary (proper noun) accomplishment.

  2. Yeah, I like it. I wonder how it will perform with cloudy skies. When I put my hand up to shade it, it will stop charging the phone when I shade 25% of the surface of the panel. A second panel would work, but might be a bit wonky.