Monday, September 29, 2008

Campbell's Law:

If you reduce your energy consumption and waste, you will be happier.
If you manage to become happier in a tangible way, you will naturally
lower your energy consumption and waste.

That's what I believe. Lower energy use and happiness ride the bus to
work together.. Do your Right Livelihood and you'll find yourself
eating out less often, driving fewer miles, and turning on fewer
lights around the house.

Try it for yourself. Prove me wrong if you can. Find a way to lower
your energy bills this month and see if you don't feel seriously
better about yourself inside next month. Reconcile with your
estranged family members and I bet you discover you don't need the
furnace turned up to 75 degrees.

I don't have a bunch of prestigious university studies on hand to back
up my theory, it just makes natural sense to me. Maybe the data is out
there and I'm too busy reading election coverage to Google it
properly. In any case, I'm staking my reputation on the idea, and
further, I'm staking my fortunes on it as well.



1 comment:

  1. Here are a few academic sources that you can use to back up your claims. Each of these studies highlights the interrelatedness of positive states:

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