Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Campbell Energy LLC

Dear Community,
In all the election hubbub, I discovered a somewhat disturbing fact. No, I am talking about Bob Barr. I'm talking about how little we all know about each other's business lives. Sometimes we like to keep it to ourselves, and I can dig that, but I'm not that guy.

But what kind of guy are you, Aaron? Well, I'll tell you:

I'm a Residential Energy Consultant. What the heck is that? What I do is listen to you and your house and tell you how best to reduce your utility bills and increase your happiness. I'm like the House Whisperer. I rehabilitate homes and train homeowners.

How do I do that?
I come to your home, drink some of your tea (and your milkshake should you offer) and I delve into the energy world of your home and its inhabitants. I look at your wattage, tell you what your appliances are saying to you in terms of dollars, listen to your furnace's complaints, and wrap it all up in a report that tells you how to upgrade the efficiency of your home with a customized, prioritized, energy to-do list.

What does it cost?
It's start-up time in my business, so I am doing these audits for $250 each. This is my early-bird discount, as the price will go up $100 in 2009. If you can't afford even the discounted price, we can discuss trade for services as well.

As an incentive, I offer my personal guarantee: If after 6 months post-audit you:

A) Don't have lower energy bills
B) Don't have a lower carbon footprint
C) Aren't a happier person,
I will return $200 of my bill. I have to hit one of those three or you get my audit for $50. Deal?

I want you (whoever you are) to lower your bills and save the planet this winter rather than next spring, so email me ASAP., btw.

Vote Obama, and email me for more details and energy audit scheduling.


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