Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sharing all thoughts

Sharing all thoughts

I wonder if it's best to simply share all my thoughts. Radical honesty
some call it. Would I benefit by becoming fully integrated or would I
realize some thoughts are simply best left unspoken and unshared?

Blogs can be places where honesty flourishes, or where supposed
transparency is peddled. I write what's on my mind mostly, but I
confess to periodically writing what I want people to *think* is on my

Blogging is a phenomenon, a social global one at that, but it's not
without its issues....ditto that with Twitter.

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  1. I think everything you say is honesty, at some level---at the level that it is revealing. I suppose you could look at this from the level of how you approach your blog as a reader. Are you honest when you read your blog? Can it serve as a place for you to better understand yourself when you allow yourself to interact with it as you feel in a given moment, and then come back to it with an open and observant mind?

  2. In fact, my blog is as honest as I can possibly be. It's me. And it is in fact a place that lets me better myself in many ways, observe my hangups and foibles, and learn from myself.

  3. Radical honesty is an intriguing concept, but from anecdotal evidence, is extremely hard on the people around you. A. J. Jacobs, who wrote a book on reading the entire encyclopedia and a second on living by the Bible as literally as possible for a year, wrote an article on this for Esquire.