Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thermal Camera Nightclub

Okay, it's off my normal greenie base, but it's cool:
I've just done a home inspection and sustainability plan for my house. A key to getting a proper sustainable path to efficiency laid out is to get good data. A full home inspection is excellent.

The fun part was today's thermal scanning camera work. You point this very expensive camera around the house and it shows in very vivid color the ingress and egress of air in your home, the places where you are leaking invisible energy. It shows where your windows are leaking heat and pulling in cold. And, it's TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL.

I was looking at the images and thinking, man would that be a funky display to show on a screen in a nightclub. Turns out the cameraman (if you will) had in fact brought it inadvertently into a bar, and voila! You can tell who's actually *hot* for you! Imagine that stuff, writ large, writhing around, sweat showing up vividly first as hot, then as cold, the works. Better by far than a black light, methinks, but you could toss that into the mix, too! Funkadelic, fo sho!

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