Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Food Branding Yourself

I'm no chef, I will tell you now. But I am known for two things: eggs and cereal.
I do both well. I would like to add another food skill someday. It's a big deal, to know what food you can make for yourself and others that is edible or even good to eat. It's a tool you can use your whole life. It should be part of Home Economics in high school. It's your food signature. Doesn't need to be fancy, but must in a pinch be able to suffice as an entire meal if possible. Should be adaptable in terms of economics, i.e, should be able to be made cheap *and* fancy. If you blend well, create your own signature smoothie if you must. But have that one thing you can pull out in a pinch. The life you save could be your own...

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