Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trojan Help: Neighborhood Disaster Relief as Community Builder

I wasn't asleep at the wheel on the 19th, I was, um, FATHERING.
Speaking of duties, I have a duty to my community. Here's one I really like:

When the "Homeland Security" people came by 2 years ago, 4 people from our hood showed up. It was cool, actually, even to meet so few people. What would be cooler? Under the guise of *only* doing disaster relief/response stuff in your hood, you could do it up like a community event. Do a BBQ potluck, share photos of your kids in college, talk about the lack of speed bumps to slow down the teenagers, whatever.

It's not really a ruse, I just like the concept of double-tasking the event. Truth is, a strong community is itself the best disaster response, response. Meet your peeps AND help save their lives someday. Excellent.

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