Friday, January 11, 2008

Global Reality Tours #2

Same idea as before, but it's all about the mind-blowing good stuff on the planet. 7 Wonders stuff: Arches National Park, Angor Wat, Great Wall of China, San Adreas Fault, Galapagos Islands, Mt. Fuji. 10 different sites around the world, testaments to both man and nature that reality can be totally excellent, and we've only seen a smidgen of it. Perhaps a Google Maps tour on a high-speed helicopter, but better yet, all done with human powered transport or alternative power. Sailing, solar cars, bicycles, "walking". Come to think of it, the entire Global Tours mission should be carbon negative, and should be a showcase of how to do tourism without punching the Earth in the throat. Again, proceeds go to conservation. Booyakashah!

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