Friday, January 11, 2008

Big Fun Gym

This is an idea I've been cooking up for 7 years now: Build a geodesic dome the size of a football field. Cover it with solar collectors, but let much light in below. Inside the dome, it's a huge playground for grown up kids. All the stuff we liked doing as kids, but bigger, better and faster. Around the outside would be a huge river-like trough for kayaking. Inside lane separated with a wall would be a swimming track. Inside that would be a walled-in racetrack for human powered toys: That's right, Big Wheel, Trikes, Green Machines, scooters, rollerblades, the works. Racing teams meet weekly. In the middle, there would have to be a huge mountain for climbing, bouldering, rappelling. All around the mountain would be cool big toys to climb on like cargo nets and such. There would have to be a zip-line from the top of the mountain, landing you in a huge pool of plastic balls. An olympic-sized pool at that. Jungle gyms a plenty. A juice bar. Pogo stick area. Adult-sized Sit-n-Spin with adult sized vomit bags in the middle. Of course, there would have to be hundreds of yards of adult-sized habit-trail. At night, you could play laser tag. Some of the human powered devices would be fitted to generate energy for the facility. How you like me now?

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