Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hackable Cars, Open Source cars

Sure, people might worry that a no-good-nick would be tempted to drive by and remotely disable (or drive!) my car, but I want a car with an open source computer system. I sold cars for VW and they have this special tool that costs an arm and a leg that does some sort of magical diagnostic for the new machines. It can tell you if you have been thinking unclean thoughts about driving a Corvette as well. I have to pay much money to have that machine tell me that my tire-pressure monitor needs to be reset or my door is ajar. I want a computer system that has a more open architecture, at least for a number of features that I would like to control. I want to be able to dial my HP and MPG up or down as I have previously blogged, but I want much more than that. My dad installed this little black box in our 1968 Lincoln Continental: it showed us how long a drive it was to Spokane, how much mileage we were getting, and even let him set his speed (cruise control). I want that and more. Gimme! Auto Liberation!

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