Thursday, January 17, 2008

Critical Feet for Justice

Like Critical Mass is for bikes, I have a dream that I will walk out my door with a backpack full of Clif Bars and head walk all the way to Washington DC and demand an end to the Iraq war and the neo-conservative plan to start another war in Iran.

I have a bloated sense of my own self-worth, so I dream that other people would take a risk and join me. If I did it, I would not need others to join necessarily, but it would certainly have more impact if I had company. I know we all have to work, I know we all have families, I know we all have lives. But is our life worth living if we sit by and let others lose theirs? Iraq is a terrible and deadly debacle and the sooner it ends, the better the planet will be. I haven't heard enough from this current political round of speeches about pulling clean out of Iraq, so it would be worth it to drive the point home. Would anyone join me? Would it be ridiculously rough on my wife and newborn daughter? Some ideas are much harder to see through than others. This idea haunts me.

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