Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adopt-an-inmate web groups

Okay, I'm not saying that crime should pay. But it shouldn't be a death sentence. These people are coming back into society when their time is up and they are at great risk of re-offending when they get out. A group of people who care, even a virtual group, should get together and take care of these people that are just about to re-enter society and try to get on their feet again. Clearly it could be done via the web, but can inmates use the internet? There might need to be a letter-writer designated in each group, perhaps. It would be great if the group decided to help the inmate out (at the inmate's request, of course) way in advance of being set free. I think the support would be vital to their reintegration and to helping them move away from crime. Likely, it was a lack of community that got the inmate in trouble in the first place, no? Give them a community, even a virtual one, and I think it might do some good.

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