Thursday, March 6, 2008

what is federal government actually doing for me?

Things I know it does: negotiate with other federal governments, levy taxes, wage wars. What else? What can I see on my street that the feds have to do with? Do I really need a federal government? Would it be enough to just have a state or city government?


  1. I always felt that the feds keep all the states together. Without the fed gov, all the laws would be state driven. You could go to 1 state and have slaves picking cotton, while another state has no slaves and is sickened by slavery. with it. Mabye not the best example, but My point is that without the federal government the states would become slowly so different from each other that they would eventually become their own small countries. And america would be divided. The Feds keep america whole, under a main code of basic laws. --- Chuck

  2. Yeah, but would that be so bad? Okay, you do need the rule of law to transcend state boundaries, but that's something we'd all get behind. I think we could be a greater country if the states had the biggest powers and the feds were only there for international issues and keeping the economy on track.