Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2 months of Ideas!

It's true, it's been 2 months of intense idea generation, with 250 total ideas collected. Some were mine, some were from friends and some were from my brainiac wife. I averaged over 4 ideas a day for those 2 months, and this was all done with the sleep of a new father!

My deep hope is that anyone who sees any of these ideas and is inspired to make them reality will do so, quickly. I posted these ideas so others could leverage them for themselves. I'd love a nod of credit for the inspiration, but as I consider these to be somewhat open source concepts, I cannot in good conscience dictate what will happen with the ideas once they are posted to the world. Take them and run!

My other hope is that people might eventually see idea generation as a good thing, in an of itself. People give me a lot of guff for coming up with ideas that I know I have very little chance or time to actually make real. This is my response, to simply continue to come up with more ideas and release them out into the world. Good ideas ( of which I can only claim a few) are NOT a dime a dozen. They are rare and they are worthy of recording at the very least. If they become actual objects or movements, so much the better, but it has to be okay for people to simply come up with them and share them. I'd have done it much sooner had there been more people who supported the concept of "ideas for ideas sake" earlier in my life. I won't dwell, as I am blessed with the internet and the money to afford its access.

But if you are out there with your own ideas, get them out of your head and into the world. Write a book, post a note, spraypaint a wall. I don't care how you do it, but get them out there. If you die with your ideas locked inside your mind, it's like letting the government get 60% of your inheritance instead of your kids! Give it all away before you're dead so you can enjoy the fruits of that labor. You'll be free to come up with more, and you might just enjoy the coming up with ideas as much as the capitalizing on them (or vainly trying!).

More to come, for sure, and thanks for reading thus far...



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