Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guitar dreams come true for kids

Okay, not everyone is going to back me on this one. I don't care. There are WAY too many guitars out there, and most of them are not being played. Knock that crap off, guitar hoarders! I'm sick and tired of seeing hundreds of perfectly good electric guitars sitting the in the basement of some retired rocker's Beverly Hills crib. If you own an electric guitar that you are not playing (or any instrument, really), you are doing music in general and kids in particular a huge disservice. Use it or lose it!

Think of all those kids in band, praying someday that the school will magically spring for a new electric guitar that they can practice with, only to be told that they need to learn music first on a plastic recorder purchased in 1982. If you still rock out with your guitar, you are absolved. If you have more than one guitar, though, give it a thought. This world needs more music and more musicians, and you could just become some kid's freakin hero! What would Les Paul do?


  1. That's awesome! You could do what they did with the gun exchange, but with pot. You exchange your axe for a bag of weed, and we donate the instrument to a needy kid. I'm not joking. If they don't want pot, then let them eat cake--whatever. We should hold the first instrument exchange. I hate having so many good ideas. Where the fuck can we find people to do this shit?

  2. Pot exchanges might be only legal for certain individuals...I think we could exchange, but perhaps an outright giveaway is what would be the simplest solution.