Monday, January 14, 2008

used clothing shredder

Okay, I want a bunch of DIY tools, and this is a biggie. I want to take my clean but no longer cool/wearable/functional clothing and make it into stuff. Literally, stuffing. I want to have it done by a simple machine like a paper shredder. I have tons of solo-socks, bad t-shirts, ripped pants and such that are landfill-bound. If I could make something else out of these items, it would rock. I wonder if perhaps there's a place I could drop off my dead clothes for recycling rather than re-using (like the used jeans craze). I understand that some home insulation is currently being of shredded denim, and since that's pretty much cotton, I want my own insulation maker. I could use it to restuff my pillows or use it to make stuffed animals, but insulation would be the biggest use at the moment. Hmm. Maybe this is best left to the industrial recyclers.

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  1. Interesting!

    Have you come up with anything yet? I too am interested in doing something with my old, torn, not-good-enough-to-give-to-good-will-clothes.
    Please, let me know what became of this idea.

  2. Hey! I am wanting the same thing! Can't seen to find a cloth shredding machine anywhere, but they must would think? If you discover one or a good idea for one, PLEASE share the info with me. Thank you so much!
    email me at...

  3. I love when I google this odd idea I have, and find others wanting to do the same thing. Wonder if anyone has been brave enough to try a good paper shredder for the clothes? I have been tempted but worried I may break my shredder.. Can't wait to hear if anyone finds a solution.