Monday, January 14, 2008

Personal Registries

A no-brainer. Want to know what I want? Go to my personal registry at I wouldn't mind that page having a fair amount of advertising on it, either. As long as it was targeted to my needs and desires. I might also find that I buy myself the things I put on my registry. I think it's tangentially a bright green thing: reduce the amount of gifts that you get that stink, reduce the waste and energy created during their manufacture, delivery, purchase, and subsequent return to the store. It's not about over-consumption, it's about targeted consumption. You'd only give out the addy (and of course you must register to see the registry) to people who you wanted to see the registry. BTW, there is no registry for me, that address is a placeholder demo thingy.

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  1. Amazon has a pretty good wish list that I use on a regular basis. Worked really well for christmas and birthday.