Saturday, January 12, 2008

Idea Genetics

More of a theory: Since my father was an inventor at Battelle, he had a bunch of ideas that kicked around in his head before he died. He patented many of them, but many lay dormant in his mind, trapped by the brain cancer that befell him. I think somehow those ideas were built into his genes, and therefore they might be also in mine. Perhaps deep in the structure of the neurons themselves lies a set of pathways that have been laid but not traveled upon. It could be possible that there are ideas in my head that are actually his, or perhaps his father's or grandfather's. It's another reason I feel compelled to generate new ideas and now to share them globally. I owe it to thinkers, I owe it to myself and my ancestors to open up the gates and let the stuff flow like a monsoon in the desert. Sure, not all the ideas are good ones (that horseshoe thing was a real lulu), but I believe the family gift is to give them away.

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