Saturday, January 12, 2008

Early Dating Glossary

It seems odd to think I missed this before. When I was searching the planet for my mate via the internet, I said a lot about myself and a lot about what I want in a partner. What I didn't say much of was how I interpret the world. That would have made things a bit easier, to put my stuff out there in plain view, translated as well as I could manage, for my future partner to understand.

Now that I have found her (and married her, had a beautiful child with her), I realize also that it took us a long time to really be able to healthfully communicate. Really, it sometimes came down to definitions of words. What does love mean, what does family mean, what does pain mean, what does dinner mean? It would be a great exercise to literally make a glossary of terms that each partner (or potential partner) could define for themselves and thereby define for the other. A little dictionary, a personal Wikipedia. Perhaps one could add photos and stories about the definitions, maybe it could be done online as well as scrapbook style (on paper). Maybe it could be an art project for the two of you, something you could certainly look back on, and maybe even update as your definitions change. Yeah, I think you feel me now...

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