Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gadgetronic (tm)

Geek retail Heaven, with smart clerks and smarter gadgets. Actively not a typical electronics store. Also not Sharper Image. Real, excellent gadgets that really work. Much from Japan, Germany, Scandinavia and Italy. Good design. Like what Radio Shack used to be before they started focusing on batteries. Lots of cool solar stuff. Lots of kits to do at home. Lots of hacking materials and periodicals. Only well-designed gadgets. A laser-wood fabricator. A Fab-Lab. Displays of cool tools and demos. Did I mention knowledgeable staff? No things that have the tag "as seen on TV". All things that have the tag "As rumored on SlashDot". No ionizing hairbrushes or Lightning Globes. Rare earth magnets and Stirling Engine kits. I think you hear me knocking, and I'm bringing my copy of 2600 with me!

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