Sunday, January 13, 2008

Environmental Car Dealership

(Kudos to Michael Lefevre for helping with this idea)
I want a car dealership that is carbon-negative. They offer Honda, Toyota, Zap, Zenn, Smart, VW, Tesla, and any other vehicle offered that gets 40 mpg or better. They focus on cars that run on alternative fuel, compressed air, fuel cells, or plain old electricity. It would be high-information low-pressure sales. It would sell biodiesel, celulosic ethanol, CNG, and be a fuel station as well. It would empl0y ASE certified technicians. It would be run for profit. It would be well-designed, and be fully off-grid. It would offer carbon offsets as part of the purchase of the vehicles. It would be a transportation hub, close to the train line. It would offer fair-trade organic coffee and snacks while you wait. You'd see how much the car cost up front, and how much profit was made.

It would rate all the cars and post those ratings on the windshields and the website. How much carbon did it take to build the vehicle? How much recycled material was used? Was it built to be taken apart and reused? Does it have options to improve gas or electric mileage (like the Prius 100mpg hack)? This is a great idea. There's a lot more inside this one, but I can't bog down on one good idea, so there you go. Vroom-ya!

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