Thursday, October 4, 2012

{∞}: Q&A

- What is this, Alphabet Soup?

{∞}:  It's a symbol for many things, but primarily the spirit and essence of the omniverse.

-  Who is the author "ABC"?

He's obsessed (in a healthy kind of way) with the deepest questions, and he's referring to his invention of the typographical phrase "{∞}", meaning "The mathematical value of the Multiverse / Universe background and the G0D-presence foreground of the true total of reality".

- Can you say that again?

{∞}:  Sure.  I will type it for you.  In this case I will put in quotes the series of these three keyboard symbols typed and read most likely on a computer screen:

A.   "{", or the left-pointing curly bracket symbol
B.   "∞", or the sideways figure eight symbol of infinity (OSX option+5)
C.  "}", or the right-pointing curly bracket symbol

Put the three symbols in the above alphabetical and numerically accurate order and you'll likely have typed the phrase, "{∞}".

- Why do you think it should become a popular meme?

{∞}: The best idea is that which fosters the best ideas.  World peace is thus required first, rather than other ideas leading up to it.  It turns out, humans are a single species on Earth with enormous positive potential that have very rarely come together to get much accomplished for themselves as a whole.  Peace is the best first idea to agree upon, the best meme to spread worldwide.  It just needs re-branding and collaborative transmission / use over the internet.  It's free, open source, simple and good.

- How will the typography you propose help spread the meme initially?

{∞}: As a species, humans need a single idea goal / thought target to focus their efforts on all at once.  A global ceasefire or what some folks refer to as world peace is the best target idea.  It's most pleasant and efficient to be able to understand the idea through image and text at the same time, hence the typography.

- How does the mathematical function of "{∞}" function?

{∞}: The function of "{∞}" refers to a specific number in this case: infinity.  Literally, it's the typed symbol of the number infinity inside curly brackets.  This can be interpreted as "the set of infinity".  "Set" in this case is the "series of", and I got that idea from the work of Georg Cantor.  In this definition, {∞} means the "set of infinity". It's the smallest sentence I could put together that translated the most good information.

- What is the spirit of {∞}?

{∞}: Its spirit is first and foremost good.  It is an "it" more than a "who" if you are tabulating things that way.  It's everything, and the sum total of everything and despite the vast seeming emptiness, the stuff of the universe is at least 51% good, positive with 49% or less being negative or bad.  Being infinite and being more good than not good, it then can be redefined as 100% good in useful and practical terms.  The rest are details, but being made of 100% goodness, the spirit of the {∞} is pure goodness.  Not perfect goodness since it's infinite and therefore no end that can be measured to be declared perfect in finite terms but perfect thus far and on into the foreseable future.  Not "without flaw" but rather "overwhelmingly awesome".  In human terms, "benevolent" is the best possible initial description of the spirit or essence of the phrase {∞}.

- Why now?

{∞}: Humans are weird.  They don't upgrade themselves as a single group, they have chosen thus far to slog through the effort of upgrading each individual human one at a time (if at all).
For optimized functionality, a useful meme should be able to be typed out in as few characters as possible while also being an image.  There are now 1 Billion Facebook users, and that's close to the critical mass of humans required to work together on the project of world peace.


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