Sunday, July 20, 2008

Campbell Energy Saving

So I asked myself, what is it you're going to do to serve?

Campbell will help make your home healthier and happier to live in
Campbell will reduce your waste and increase your recycling
Campbell will work with you on money (energy) saving priorities and goals
Campbell will help you create a step by step plan for a greener home
Campbell will help simplify and clarify renewable energy decisions

Really, it's a lot easier to remember the name Campbell, since it's me that started the company, and so far it's me that will be doing the consulting. I'm an energy coach, taskmaster, drill sergeant, and dominatrix rolled into one.

I know you feel responsible, and I know you are often concerned that you're not doing enough. I felt the same way. I know you've been meaning to get an energy audit or get new insulation, but you didn't know anyone in the field. Neither did I. I know you and your family have been cooking in our global warming summers and shivering in our triple-grande-overcast winters. My family did for years. Is there hope?

Yes, there's hope. Like me, you need a holistic systems-view of your home so you can make the right decisions in the right order about energy efficiency. I work with you and your family to show you how a combination of upgrades to your home and your behavior can substantially change your carbon footprint. I know the right people to bring in to do the work that might be needed. I will follow up with you and make sure you're living in a more comfortable home, lowering your impact on the planet, and saving money on your energy bills.

Call me for a free 30 minute initial consultation (on the phone or at your home) and we'll get cracking on changing the world, today.

Aaron Campbell
Energy Star certified
Residential Energy Consultant

(two-oh-six) eight nine eight, eight three three seven
glowplug at google mail

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