Saturday, April 12, 2008

Staying up with coffee, thinking

Yes, I am simply blogging what is going on right now. Twittering old school. I can't sleep right now (and didn't even try!), so I am typing with my ouchy fingers (due to cutting my nails too damn short).

I am thinking the following thoughts:

  1. should I talk about my giving up a bunch of bad habits in my blog
    1. call me if you want to actually know which ones
  2. is it okay to be happy and not to show it outwardly?
    1. yes it is
  3. is "enlightenment" really the final obstacle to enlightenment?
    1. duh
  4. every time you take a hot shower, consider it a baptism, and remember how freaking lucky you are to get a) a shower stall that is your own b) water that you can freaking drink c) HOT water. There's more, but holy crap that's plenty to be thankful for.
    1. seriously. People praise {∞} for food all the time, but best be thanking your Stars you can take hot showers, people.
  5. lately all the proverbial wisdom I thought "someday I hope to understand that stuff" is actually making some sense (one day at a time, let go and let {∞}, a stitch in time saves nine, go with the flow, etc.)
    1. okay, the stitch one I still don't get.
  6. my idea for {∞} will have a hard time taking off since I have to hit so many keys to type it out!
    1. but it's still a great idea. Seriously. Who else (lately) has a Grand Unified Theory in physics that includes religion, love, and community, but also has its own icon? Send me their links!
  7. lists of things seem easier to read than huge bungly paragraphs?
    1. I know, bungly isn't a word. Yes, lists are boss. Outline format for blogging? Super-Boss.
  8. single parents are mostly heros, it's friggin hard to parent a baby by yourself, even for a few hours!
    1. I love my wife and daughter for reals, and appreciate my wife a snick-ton.
  9. I missed Green Fest 08, but my wife was sick. I was glad to stay home, actually, because I got a chance to take my baby out for two walks in the neighborhood, soaking up the excellent warm sunshine.
    1. I'm planning on meeting the people I wanted to meet at Green Fest, only in person and for more than 2 minutes.
  10. my life is going stupendously, and always has been. With or without my knowledge, things were unfolding as they should.
    1. it really is. I'm technically drowning in blessings again. Call me for more details, or text my iPhone, yo. Crap. Did I just say that?
      1. yes, you did.
        1. What the heck is wrong with this outline formatting? Every new indentation gives me a #1? Double Crap.
          1. It's not even a Roman numeral! I'll get over it.
            1. Love is all you need.

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