Friday, March 28, 2008

{∞} = The Present Day Reality of Inner World Peace

I wanted to make sure my next blog was the most amazing thought to think.
That's it in the subject field.
I apparently had to check it with one of my mentors, Joseph Crick, and he said that's pretty much it.
The idea is that heaven is the inclusion side of inclusion/exclusion. The observer of that is also the idea, they are the same idea.
Really, it's all the same idea.
The idea of Love.

Love of ones' self is as important (exactly so) as love of any Other. G(o)D, what have you. I'm going to have to point you back at Love. That's the thing that's already universally translated, but you've likely forgotten it already. There are somewhat different iterations of what people refer to as "Love", so it can be confusing at first.

Love is primarily first-person. That means it's experienced internally to verify. Ergo, you can't really share that exact same definition, ever. It's entirely subjective. What's important is that it's overwhelmingly and perfectly "good". That's right, Love is Good. Alright. All Night. Love is Good. Then, you can expand its definition to include what all things you think are good, but the first step is Love, the second step is Love is Good. The third step is Love is Good for Us. That's right, we're all Us. All us humans who can grok this in the first place. Figure it out for yourself first is our motto.

So Joe and I have been wracking our brains all our lives in search of the Ultimate Meaning. I'm not kidding, it's not cliche, it's the real deal. It makes us go crazy sometimes, makes us nauseous to see its opposite as well as itself. I had a conversation with him today that pretty much summed up the entire thing:


That's a definition of two other things, Love and Lonliness. Those are the opposites, not Love and Hate. Here's the secret: Love. It's been waiting for you to call, but you were always so busy.


We pick inclusion, we think inclusion is peace and it can only start with yourself.

World Peace

is a less than potent brand at the moment. But that's what we're talking about. We need to update it but have it be a more deep and more universal interpretation.

Since all interpretations are inherently subjective (because you are only you), we needed a phrase that did all of what we wanted and none of what we don't.

Here's the trick, some people might interject other meanings into "Love" because the translation itself from "English" to "Hmong" (if that's the name of the language as well as the cutlure) is somewhat already subjective. But in the end, that argument fell away as we agreed that it had already been agreed to by the major religions.

That's right, your religion said this to me. I'm not saying it's what each individual's religion says, but what the collective expression of those religious thoughts truly is embodied by. That's the secret again "Love".

It's not just a warm fuzzy thing, but you can bet your sweet behind that it's also plenty warm and fuzzy. Heck, it's the best thing you can think! Even from your babyhood, the first thought you had was "not other?" That's inclusion folks, you cried when people left you alone in your waste or you were hungry. The left alone was the main issue, the pain wasn't that bad.

It's an economic thing, that's what I'm saying. This is What Barack Obama Means. He isn't just a human, none of us are. But he in particular is saying only one thing: Love will save the world both spiritually and financially. If you are worried about the current interest rate from the Fed is, understand that that golden number is a DIRECT function of the presence of LOVE.

Barack is saying that if we actually, seriously, love one another like siblings, we'll all be alright and the world will actually be a measurably better place.

I think that G(o)D is saying that too, that's as much as you need to know about my belief in a higher power. Nothing more complicated than that. The details are not very important. Seriously, they are in fact, the Devil. The details mean that what you see isn't what you get. The big letters are a lie to bring you into the store, the little letters are the exceptions to the lie I told you, subsets of the lie, and part and parcel of the lie.

The Devil Ignores You. That's what I said. It doesn't respect you. It's always interrupting you. But the Devil Can Change. That's redemption, folks. Jesus-style. You can emulate Jesus by literally coming back to life. No need to actually die, he did that for you. Seriously, what if there was an actual homo-sapiens that lived around 2008 years ago and it said "I don't care if I die, actually, it's what G(o)D wants of me. I'm dying so nobody ever has to die again for Love". That's the biggest thing Jesus did. By that he also meant that the biggest idea Christ has is the same idea that Mohammed has. That's right, present tense, baby. It's all in the present tense.

Allah Hu'Akbar. Seriously, Hutchins, you don't have get rude about it. That's all the silent atheist majority has been saying. Atheist is not capitalized, btw. Back to our story: Present tense. G(o)D IS Great. Check it, that's present tense, folks. All your other defintions of G(o)D are useless if you can't tell me when G(o)D is great. Is, already Is. That's past, present and future tense, yo. Add those up and you get Present Tense.

That's right, G(o)D is Love. In the present tense, but we already talked about that. That is as they say "reality". Or to put it a different way...drumroll please...the Meaning Of Life. It's confusing at first. Could it be that easy?

Yep, it's that easy. We just make sure that Love is the opposite of lonliness and the world heals itself one at a time, individually in order to praise their version of G(o)D.

You heard me again, I said "version". This is my best idea, so you'll have to bear with me as I ramble. I'll go back to more traditional gadgetry soon, but this is my IdeaFirehose blog and I reserve the right to give this idea out globally, instantaneously, over light, to the glory of G(o)D. Yep, since you aren't inside me, you can't tell what I mean when I use that phrase so you'll have to have faith that I'm not in it to kill you and your family. That's lonliness, friend. There is only you and the other person whenever there's another person and your job is to save them not kill them. Wake up and save them, that's what Love is. That's what my religion tells me.

And as I mentioned, my religion is a hybrid. It's all of them combined. Average them out and that's me. I'm just interpreting all of them as truly as I can to myself first. My initial reaction was that each one's details support the overall thrust of Love. Call it what you will, but at some point we have to shake hands and finally admit that we are talking about the same feeling/verb/noun/meaning/expression of G(o)D. That's what Marley had been saying, Ghandi, MLK, JFK, Einstein too. That's what I said. If you go too far into the details looking for the opposite of Love you can get overly judgemental. Don't, this is all subjective.

It's the paradox thing, natch. One one hand, it's inside you and yours is fundamentally unique. On the other hand, everyone else has it and has it exactly the way you have it. That's the trick, remember that at the one deepest level beyond all the culture and victimization is a true perfect soul that says "Love" and I think that means G(o)D.

It means this on a material level as well. That's the gift of Native America, and pretty much as many Natives as you can shake a lulav at. All "pieces" of "all things" contain the Great Spirit. That Great Spirit freaking Loves You. The details are the pieces as well. It's fractal, siblings!

Anyhow, like I said, it has to be fully and 100% scientifically so. That's another red herring for us. The "scientific community" (whatever that really means)(non-sarcastically too) has to sign on before we go too much farther with this Peace thing. They need to make sure it doesn't completely ignore the laws of the physical world as we know them. If you can't bring that, peace is tough.

It has to be internal, as I mentioned, however, so there's the faith component for the science world. You actually have to have faith that there's a superstring universe, that Relativity is Real, and that we can verify reality pretty well.

It has to be gender-non-specific. For reals, this is another huge red herring. G(o)D is so big and excellent that it can be all things to all genders. That's not an optional point, by the way, and it carries it's corollary, that yours is exactly the same.
That's relativity, yo. Special Relativity. Philosophically Special Relativity. Allah is also Tao which is Nothing and is made of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That's not philosophy. That's reality, or as close as we can point to.

Will there every be a Single G(o)D? There always was, but you can only experience this single G(o)D personally. And this experience is overwhelmingly direct, Love Yourselves. Love each other. That's the verb, folks. It's only one, and it's the only one.

It's all here in black and white, just behind this posting is the Internet. Take a look, it's the Universal Communicator. Literally, you can Google the word Love and it will literally scour the planet's current networked communications over fibre optic cables for words that get triggered by the search and come to you with a web page or two. Let's give it a whirl right now, shall we?

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