Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wacom Portable Art Pad and Journal

The Kindle from Amazon would be cool only if it was actually a Wacom art pad. I want a device that really only does reading and writing. It should let you store hundred of books, and it should let you write just as if you had a pad of paper with you. A cool pencil like stylus (or quill pen as you might wish) mandatory. It doesn't need to be a full computer, so the processor can focus on being pressure sensitive and capable of storing hundreds of hi-res drawings. I want a digital journal, damnit. It doesn't necessarily have to do OCR on my sloppy handwriting, but it could. It should look like a Moleskine journal. Heck, maybe they should do it instead of Amazon or Wacom. Somebody please make this for me. Please.

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