Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hybrid Life Hack

A very cool trick to do to yourself if you're in a life rut. List all the jobs you've ever had in your life. All on one piece of paper. Preferably, make a mind-map of them, putting them in bubbles all over the page. Space them out enough so that you can draw lines between them, then draw those lines.

The lines themselves need to be thoughts, stringing together the two jobs. Fast Food Assistant Manager connects with Radio Shack stock boy via "retail, mall, easy" or "sucky, free food, corporation". Try to stay positive, though. When you've connected a few jobs, see if you can make a hat-trick. Use the connecting phrases to help describe the new job or hybrid optimization of those two. You'll see new jobs and career paths opening up and perhaps one will shine for you, but keep going until you've made at least 3 solid job connections.

If you do it with the faith required and hope injected, you'll see new possibilities for a brand new (but incorporating the old) life for yourself. Another stepping stone perhaps. If you don't find the connections this round, take another look at it later. Maybe the only thing that comes from it is "I hate retail jobs" or "I don't like working in the outdoors for non-profits". That's a great thing to know...

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